The starting point of Rēs Ratio Network has been the gathering of four people, for the creation of the play The Double, that has been presented in the Roes theatre, during the season 2014-15. What became clear by this fruitful collaboration was the urgent need for the establishment of an interactive relationship between all those artists that have in common a research-based working method, when approaching the plays.
     Aris Servetalis, Efi Birba, Michaila Pliaplia and Nikos Ilias, having totally different backgrounds (theatre, visual arts and directing, literature and architecture, business, management and entrepreneurial design respectively), contribute –in this collective venture- based on their personal experience and knowlege.
     A collaborative network that will undertake, in a very consistent way, to develop and promote artistic proposals that seek to go further, beyond what is already established, and attempt to overcome the commonplace, was not simply considered as desirable but also as feasible. The team, in the core of this venture, wishes to make Rēs Ratio Network a point, round which artists will rally to systematically create and present their work.
     The symbol in the logo of Rēs Ratio Network is the graphic representation of the polyhedral mass of a stone, a detail taken out of Albrecht Dürer ’s etching Melancholia I (1514). In this etching, the dark bile (melaina chole) is presented as the moving force of all reflections and inspiration that leads to the creation of the work of art. By choosing this symbol, the Rēs Ratio Network team wishes to allude to the quintessence of their work itself: the excavated stone of Melancholia I, though basically formed and carefully carved, awaits the definite, creative move that will bring the work of art to life.
     The Thing: Rēs, the Reason/Word: Ratio and the Network are three words – bearers of many different notions, which showcase –on the one hand- the dipole of the artistic procedure and –on the other hand- the willingness to weave a web that aims to constantly expand through artistic proposals and collaborations.


Via Rēs Ratio Network we aim –with each one of our actions– at the re-definition of the performative art itself. The thing and the word, the body and the trauma, the living presence constitute the landmarks of a code that is capable of forming a language for a performative art in the making.
     We belive that the prima materia for making a performative art is every non-represenational quality / aspect of life itself. We think that the action, the act itself –and not just its immitation– can accurately correspond with the flowing reality of the life but also with its multiple reflexions.
     Evey textual material constitutes –for the Rēs Ratio Network team– a field as well as a tool. What is necessary each time, at their every venture, is that the special significance of these texts is brought to light with precision, in the present tense.
     Rēs Ratio Network firmly supports the view that art should be addressed to everyone without exception and that it is its duty to act as a beneficiary mechanism – equally for its creators and for its public. For Rēs Ratio Network, whatever art brings forward constitutes an indispensible part of life itself. This is what forces us to face all the aspects of life; what reveals all sources of pain in life; what disturbs all that is badly considered as order; what tries to constantly keep us alert.


The point of departure for Rēs Ratio Network is the presentation of four different –in what they aim at and in how they are styled- plays, in Roes Theatre, during the season 2015-16.
     Vasistas with Domino, Efi Birba with Efthimis Filippou’s Our beautiful hands, Dimitris Karantzas with Harold Pinter ‘s Ashes to Ashes and the Kinitiras / Ek-plixi group with My own fish showcase, in the best possible way, the special approach and orientation of the Rēs Ratio Network and the place it wishes to occupy within the field of the performative art and of the theatrical writing in general.


In Rēs Ratio Network we welcome all those artistic teams and creators that, having a peculiar view of things, can complement ours and even act as a counterweight to it, thus organically contributing to our research on performative techniques as well as to the expansion of this network.
     Theatres, wharehouses, garages, factories, fair- and other public sites constitute our «stage», the ideal field of action for Rēs Ratio Network. This way, we wish to create a network of spaces which will allow the creative artists to present their work in an environment that suits it or to structure their work in a site specific way.
     At the same time, through Rēs Ratio Network, we are seeking to promote various artistic proposals to Europe in general, but also to invite and welcome such productions, coming from other countries, to Greece. It is imperative for all those who collaborate with the Rēs Ratio Network to have the broader possible horizon, whatever the field.
     Rēs Ratio Network is not interested in creating a map of the artistic landscape of this country nor to simply showcase potentially worthwhile works created abroad. We mainly wish to produce works, taking the necessary time and giving the necessary effort for their creation and presentation. We want to organically collaborate with other artists on specific themes or in order to co-create a web of relevant ideas. Contrary to common practice, it is the novelty of the continuous sequence of artistic proposals, their elective affinities and polyphony that the Rēs Ratio Network wishes to bring in and establish within the field of the performative arts.