OCTOBER 11 2015 - APRIL 2016

KINITIRAS / EK PLIXI — My own fish

My own fish came up in during the action EK PLIXI (Sur prise), with which the team Kinitiras began in 2012. The main element of this action, as its name (in Greek) suggests, is the sudden –for the children– meeting with the stage act, evolving around dance and typical theatre. For the first time, this year, the children are being introduced to the play already during their transportation to the Roes theatre, something that accentuates the element of surprise itself.

My own fish intervenes in an unexpected way to the daily programme of the class, transforming its space to a stage and a field of action. Through body-language, music and video-art, children are being invited to watch and participate in a show that mobilizes them –cheering them up–, cultivating, at the same time, their judgment.

The play is based on the tale, by the Grimm brothers, The fisherman and his wife, which talks about man’s avid desire for more, about his anger when he finally loses his goods but also about his astonishment when faced with the inevitability of death. The sterile passion of greed and the acceptance of loss as an elementary part of the life-cycle are the basic notions that this performance deals with.

For Rēs Ratio Network there is no such thing as «children’s theatre» but rather a performative language which is addressed to the child. This foundational difference constitutes a guideline for the choices Rēs Ratio Network makes each time. The Kinitiras team is another one of the Rēs Ratio Network choices for this year and a part of its network exactly because it does not treat children as deficient adults but, on the contrary, as creative individuals who, full of questions regarding the world, are in a constant quest of all those stimuli that are able to mobilize and excite them.

Concept: Antigoni Gyra
Music: Orestis Tanis
Director, Choreography: Antigoni Gira, Johnny O., Ioanna Kampilafka
Costumes: Konstantinia Vafiadou
Drawings: Iasonas Venetsanopoulos
Videos: Angeliki Hatzi
Dramatic art consultant, lyrics: Chara Giannakopoulou
Lights: Anti Steve
Assistant director: Antzi Valsami
Actors (double cast): Johnny O., Kostis Daskalakis, Anthi Theofilidou, Kanti Karra or Artemis Lampiri, Vassilis Giannelos, Vlassis Pasioudis, Lia Chamilothori
Voices: fish Angelos Papadimitriou, mermaid Aliki Avdelopoulou