OCTOBER 26 2015 – FEBRUARY 2016

Dimitris Karantzas — Ashes to ashes
Harold Pinter

«They would follow him over a cliff and into the sea,
if he asked them, he said. And sing in a chorus,
as long as he led them. They were in fact, very musical, he said».

Harold Pinter, Ashes to ashes.

The play Ashes to ashes is an encrypted parable for the acceptance of violence, the submission to the force that exercises it and the individual responsibility of anyone who consents to this. Two actors-narrators, who reside in a place which is apparently safe, progressively trap themselves, recalling memories of painful events. This painful procedure becomes an inescapable condition that pushes these two voices to their ultimate limit.

This performance attempts to highlight the dramatic art of Harold Pinter, examining closely the expansion and contraction of time, unfolding a «choreography» that varies from the totally controlled action to an extreme stillness, thus emphasizing the rhythm and musicality of the text, by interpolating in this stage-duet extra voices, standing there, before all, to convey and express the pain of humanity.

Dimitris Karantzas, through his directing, re-shapes time, equally sharpening the tension and the peace, the various nuances of the theatrical speech. He orchestrates the theatrical action just like a polyphonic piece in order to highlight the stylistic variety of the texts and to unfold and reveal the structural elements of each work, that remain –until then– latent.

Rēs Ratio Network, showing its appreciation to the research-based aspect of his work and his accurate perception as a director, chooses to propose, this year, along with others, Dimitris Karantzas, with Harold Pinter’s Ashes to ashes.

Translation: Tzeni Mastoraki
Director: Dimitris Karantzas
Set design - Costumes: Ioanna Tsami
Choreography: Stavroula Siamou
Sound design: Henri Kergomard
Lights: Alekos Anastasiou
Assistant Set designer: Adrianos Zacharias
Assistant Costume designer: Vassiliki Sourri
Assistant directors: Giannis Klinis, Elina Rizou
Actors: Christos Loulis, Evi Saoulidou