DECEMBER 5 2015 – APRIL 2016

Our beautiful hands, as a play, is mainly a composition of a series of pictures that six persons draw from their memory during their mystical and purifying meeting with each-other. Through the typology of a burial ritual and the peculiar rules of behaviour that this imposes on the participants, we watch the dialectical relation between the individual experience and the sacred element of the existence.

Efi Birba and her collaborators give form to sequences of meanings-images through dispersed acts, actions and fragments of speach that are but pure verbal actions. These distinctive materials of the performative language form a flowing volume of multitudes and ruptures. The overall result has the style and structure of a dream. In whatever happens during the sleep, in Our beautiful hands, time is broken into pieces and is re-constructed to the benefit of the connections and the ruptures that shed light to the non-continuity of the human existence, acknowledging at the same time the concept of mortality. The exit (-parting), the passing to and the entering (-integration) in a symposium-oriented society, is the thread that follows the directing-visual language of Efi Birba this time.

The impossibility, common to us all, to the six persons on stage as well, to perceive death leads the latter to an effort to make possible and visible to the spectators the understanding of what is to come, of what does not belong to the realm of the experience. The roles move around in a waiting space, the foyer of a death to come and by passing from one stage to the other they pass to the inaccessible side of their death.

Our beautiful hands is the result of the interaction between the participants in the performance and the writer Efthimis Filippou, a process during which the text and the performative action are being modeled simultaneously until they are articulated in a definite way for the first presentation of the play before an audience.

Concept, Directing, Sets, Costumes: Efi Birba
Play: Efthimis Filippou
Sound design: Coti K.
Lights: Thimios Bakatakis
Artistic collaborator: Michaila Pliaplia
Artistic collaborator – assistant director: Sofia Georgovassili
In-charge of sets: Michaila Pliaplia
In-charge of costumes: Olga Brouma
Actors: Ippokratis Delveroudis, Nikos Kamontos, Eleni Moleski, Evangelia Rantou, Aris Servetalis, Achilleas Chariskos