OCTOBER 16 2015 – NOVEMBER 2015

Vasistas — DOMINO

«When you're in the shit up to your neck, there's nothing left to do but sing».
Samuel Beckett

DOMINO is a silent choreography for the present that escapes us and for the unknown future. The play deals with the individual as well as with the epidemic collapse of an entire world and with the chained reactions that lead to a generalised state of emergency, focusing on the survivors.

The dramaturgy, taking as a starting point the play of Eugène Ionesco Jeux de massacre, is being constructed through the special narrative code and stage language that the Vasistas team has been developing these past years. Moments follow one another, fragmented pictures of a world, menaced by its end, where people, trapped, face the void, in a way that is rushed, irrational and nostalgic at the same time.

The peculiar directing perspective of Argyro Chioti and the Vassistas «kinetic system» of narration construct, through a vibrating choreography of group formations, what is presented under the title DOMINO. The sound-scape of the play, which is created with the use of forgotten recordings of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, give a nostalgic tone to the individual and collective collapse of a world.

Rēs Ratio Network chooses to revive this year, in the Roes theatre, this particular show by the Vasistas, as it aknowledges that the method of the team unfolds, through its process, its –always up to the point– very own way of performance. The systematic work on a special theatrical vocabulary, on behalf of the Vasistas, contributes –in a very efficient way– to what Rēs Ratio Network proposes to fully justify the last part of its name.

Director: Argyro Chioti
Dramaturgy: Vasistas, Christiana Galanopoulou
Set Design: Eva Manidak
Costumes: Pavlos Thanopoulos
Lights: Tassos Palaioroutas
Assistant director: Dafni Koutra
Sound: Jan Van de Engel
Adaptation and teaching of Cold song: Cornilios Selamsis
Artistic collaborator: Ariane Labed
Actors: Eleni Vergeti, Georgina Chriskioti, Antonis Antonopoulos, Evdoxia Androulidaki, Efthimis Theou, Matina Pergioudaki, Babis Galiatsatos, Rita Litou, Natassa Papandreou, Anastasia Zagli, Fidel Talampoukas

DOMINO is a co-production of Vasistas with the Open Latitudes (3) – european project | KOMM’N’ACT | Théâtre des Bernardines | MIRfestival | with the support of the French Institute of Athens and the OZON RAW Magazine.